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The purpose of this World Christian Tract Directory is to give information on the different ministries and organizations which publish evangelical Christian tracts. It gives addresses of where to buy the tracts or receive free samples or a free sample pack.

Many addresses also include web site and e-mail addresses. In many instances, I will tell the languages available for a tract and the addresses of the different worldwide distributors of tracts. In some instances, I give my personal opinion on what I think of the tract. For more information, please contact the tract ministry/organization and ask for a free sample pack or ask for recommendations from the tract organization. If you need any help in selecting the right tract, please contact me at


The addresses of tract ministries are in alphabetical order below.

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Agape, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International, is the publisher of Knowing God Personally, which is an evangelistic booklet.

All Nations Gospel Publishers
All Nations Gospel Publishers prints and distributes tracts in many of the languages spoken throughout South Africa and other countries.

Ambassadors 4 Truth
Ambassadors 4 Truth is an outreach ministry. They offer free gospel tracts on their website. Right now they have 6 unique tracts you can order.

American Scripture Gift Mission
The American Scripture Gift Mission produces booklets and tracts that are made up entirely of Scripture verses about different subjects. Most of their publications are evangelistic and are translated in over 400 languages. Some of their materials are free digital downloads. They request a donation for their materials. Right now, the materials are shipping from Europe.

American Tract Society/Good News Tracts/Crossway
The American Tract Society and Good News Publishers/ Crossway became one company a few years ago. It produces and distributes Christian tracts in comic and non-comic format. Tracts are available in English and other languages.

Answers in Genesis (USA)
“Answers in Genesis” is an apologetics ministry. They focus on providing answers to people’s questions found the book of Genesis. You can search for their tracts using their search engine. Just type the keyword “tracts” on the search engine.

Apologetics Press
Apologetics Press has an extensive listing of tracts on Christian apologetics and Christian evidences, as well as general Bible topics. Tracts may be ordered individually, by hundreds. Visit their online store for the tracts.

Ariel Ministries
Available on Ariel Ministries website is the Though Tract variety. This tract is available in 5 packs for a low price. Ariel Ministries offers intensive Bible teaching from a Messianic Jewish perspective.

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