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Berean Call, The
You can get free tracts at The Berean Call web site. The tracts cover subjects like “Christian Activism”, “Endtimes”, “Is All Truth God’s Truth”, and “Once Saved Always Saved?” Please click Find on the home page and then choose Tract in the pull down menu under Format.
You can find at the tracts and booklets that Robert Flores wrote. These include Homeless Harry, Vengeance is Mine, Stripped Clean, and Behind Closed Doors. These tracts are designed to be given to troubled teens or gang members.

Bible Baptist Church Publications
Bible Baptist Church Publications is a ministry of Bible Baptist Church, Oak Harbor, Washington. BBCP publishes Baptist discipleship and preacher-training materials. They also publish tracts for evangelism and discipleship.

Bible Baptist Publications
Bible Baptist Publications offers hundreds of titles in printed form. Their materials include tracts, books, booklets and many others on different topics and themes.

Bible Believers’ Evangelistic Association
BBEA produces and distributes Bible tracts by Leon Bates.

Bible Leaflets
Bible Leaflets offers Bible tracts. You can also read the tracts online.

Bible Speaks Ministries, The
The Bible Speaks Ministries offers free downloads of Christian literature like tracts and Bible correspondence courses on doctrines, prayer, theology and Joshua written by missionary Gerald Johnson and Ken Johnson. They also have free Bible teaching booklets and pamphlets.

Bible Tracts, Inc.
Bible Tracts prints many tracts you can use for evangelism. These tracts are available on their web site.

Bible Truth Publishers
BTP offers printable tracts on their bookstore. You can print these tracts free of charge.

Bibles for the Blind and Visually Handicapped
Bibles for the Blind and Visually Handicapped International currently has some tract titles available in braille. The list of tracts is on their web site.
Search for tracts and leaflets at by typing the keyword “tract” on the search engine.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
BGEA offers tracts and pamphlets for witnessing and sharing the Gospel to your friends, family and neighbors. You can find these tracts and pamphlets at their online store.

Birmingham Gospel Outreach
The Birmingham Gospel Outreach is a tract and leaflet ministry printing for the Christian community. They have 67 different tracts in English and 9 tracts in Romanian language. sells tracts at their online store. There are four tracts available, one is in Spanish language.

Bogard Press
Tracts available on Bogard Press are Free Health Care, Am I Going to Heaven When I Die, and Five Facts about Eternal Life.

Bread of Life Baptist Press
The Bread of Life Baptist Press helps missionaries with their printed needs such as printing tracts, gospels and other study materials.

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