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Jesus Christ Loves You! is a business card tract to reach those who need Christ. There are several cards available in different languages. These cards are much more durable than regular tracts and can fit into peoples pockets, wallets and purses easily. It is a great option for those who use tracts on a regular basis.

Jeff Goss Ministries
Bible tracts are given away for free at Jeff Goss Ministries website. Each Bible tract set may be downloaded and comes with both a front and back side for printing..

Jesus For Children
The Greatest Promise booklet helps children to understand the plan of salvation in simple terms and with colorful pictures from the Jesus film. Modeled from the Four Spiritual Laws by CCC, this booklet may guide and build a child's attitude and confidence in God's promises. Available in different languages, Bible verses in this booklet are worded for ease of understanding for children 5-11 years old.

Jesus Is Alive International Ministries Ltd
Jesus Is Alive International Ministries Ltd is an Australian evangelistic ministry. They have different tracts you can find on their web site and that you can share with your friends, family members, and neighbors.

Jews for Jesus
Jews for Jesus sells some booklets. Booklets are categorized according to season, topics and year-round subjects.

Jó Hír” (Good News) Hungarian Literature Mission Inc
You can find Hungarian tracts on this web site.

Joni and Friends
Joni and Friends offers tracts and booklets mostly written by Joni Eareckson Tada.

Joy Baptist Church
You can buy tracts on this website. Tracts here are sold in bundles of 100 for only $1. You can also request for a sample pack to be sent to you, and you can request for customization of tracts.

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