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Back to the Bible

Back to the Bible
Box 82808
Lincoln, Nebraska 68501

Good selection of well written tracts. - "God's Way to Heaven"

Back to the Bible
Box 10
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 2G2

Baptist General Conference of Texas

Baptist General Conference of Texas
Evangelism Division
333 N. Washington
Dallas, Texas 75246-1798

"Steps Toward Belief- Using the Roman Road"
a well written booklet for sharing the gospel

Baptist Press

Baptist Press
Miss Shirley Gunn
P.M.B. 5113
Ibadan, Nigeria

Baptist Temple

Baptist Temple
206 Koldin Lane at Highway 183
P.O. Box 10066
Fort Worth, Texas 76114

"Let me ask you this question"- an excellent booklet to use to witness with.

Beebe Publications

Beebe Publications
166 Swan Lake Drive
Stockbridge, GA 30281

Office (770) 474-3636, 474-3637
Orders & Product Information 1-800-828-4595
FAX (770) 389-4833

Children's tracts

Children's Tracts & Booklets:

How Can I Go to Heaven Someday? RBP
How to Live the Christian Life RBP for children
How to Lead a Child to Christ CEF
How to Teach a Child After He's Been Saved Accent
Now That You Belong to Jesus Ed Dunlop Children's Follow-up
Now You Are Somebody New Hugh Pyle Children After Saved
What God's Word Teaches About Salvation RBP
Wordless Books Small to large $.99, $1.75, $3.45 with inst.

El Camina al Cielo Según los Romanos
Excellent Spanish tract.

We have access to hundreds of kinds of tracts, special occasion, seasonal, daily Bible reading, etc. Please ask and ye shall receive.

Tracts in different languages Spanish, Russian, etc...
Romans Road Tracts
God's Simple Plan of Salvation tracts per 100...
What Must I Do to Be Saved? By John R. Rice per 100...
Romans Rd. by Dr. Beebe tract, 100 for...
Hola (says, Hello, I am sorry, I don't speak Spanish. I'm from the ____ Church etc., and asks the parent about the children riding the bus (by Dr. Beebe) 100 for...

Stephen Bennett Ministries

Stephen Bennett Ministries
P.O. Box 2095
Huntington, CT 06484-1095
Download and read the new tract now (Adobe PDF file):

Note: We are getting requests for prison ministries and other organizations who would like to get these tracts to pass out and have very limited funds. If you would be willing to underwrite some or all of the expense, please call Nationwide toll free 1-800-832-3623. Thank you so much and Lord bless you.

Important new tract for churches and Christians - please forward to your lists.

Thank you.

A brand new tract entitled "I Was Gay" began shipping nationwide today to churches, Christian organizations and individuals across America. The tract biblically and practically deals with a subject few are willing to address: homosexuality.

'I Was Gay' features the testimony of Christian recording artist Stephen Bennett and his story of deliverance from the homosexual lifestyle through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Stephen's picture is on the cover with the title of the tract (so people don't think you were gay!

Today, Stephen is happily married almost 10 years to a Christian woman who never stopped praying for his salvation. They are the parents of two beautiful little children - a boy and a girl.

Stephen's testimony has been shared worldwide through the ministries of Billy Graham, Beverly LaHaye, the American Family Association, TBN and many more.

The tract biblically addresses the sin of homosexuality - how no one is born 'gay' and how complete change is completely possible - through Jesus Christ. It is written in a compassionate, caring and loving way - yet without compromise.

The Gospel is clearly presented along with an opportunity for the reader to pray and receive Jesus Christ.

The tract is standard size (3-1/4"w x 5-1/2"h), 8 pages and would make a perfect addition in all church 'Tract Racks.' Printed on a white semi-gloss stock in 2 color ink, blue and black. (We suggest you purchase some and donate them to your church.)

'I Was Gay' is an ideal evangelistic tract to give any man or woman living the homosexual lifestyle, as well as a great witnessing tool to give anyone - to clearly share God's view on the subject. A message all of America desperately needs to hear.

As with other tracts, a small area on the back is left blank which can be used to stamp a church or organization name and information, or we'll custom imprint the labels for you for a nominal charge.

Tracts are now available in the following quantities: 50 (minimum order) ($15), 100 ($28), 250 ($62.50), 500 ($95) and 1,000 ($150). Larger quantities are available for churches, ministries or national organizations - please call for pricing.

Custom printed labels with up to 4 lines of copy for your personal message or church address are available: 50 ($10), 100 ($15), 250 ($20), 500 ($35), 1000 ($60). Labels are ready for you to apply.

Your purchase of these tracts not only goes to further the work of Stephen Bennett Ministries, but to share the truth about homosexuality and evangelize the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As our way of saying thanks, a special 15 minute compilation CD of the music of Stephen Bennett ships free with each order.

Help spread God's truth and change America's heart on an issue that is so misunderstood. Help reach the homosexual for Christ. Remember, God loves the homosexual - but He hates the sin. You could be the very person the Lord will use to lead a lost soul to Christ!

To order the new evangelistic tract 'I Was Gay,' please call Nationwide Toll-Free 1-800-832-3623 or order securely on-line with your MC or Visa at:

To order by mail, simply place your order online by clicking the above link, and select the option 'Will Send Check.' This will configure your shipping charges. Then, print out your order form and send along with your check or money order.

Bible Baptist Church

Bible Baptist Church
James L. Melton, Pastor
P.O. Box 383
Martin, TN 38237
(901) 536-0348
James Melton's Materials on the Web

Publishes tracts and booklets by James L. Melton on many subjects Recommended works: Fighting Back! A Handy Reference Guide for King James Bible Believers(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Bible Baptist Church

Bible Baptist Church
Robert J. Sargent
1701 Harns Rd.
Oak Harbor, WA 98277

360-675-8311 (voice)
360-240-8347 (fax) (e-mail)

Ten Bible Reasons for faithful church attendance by Robert J. Sargent
--- $0.12
What is a New Testament Church? by Robert J. Sargent
--- $1.00 each
?Que es una Iglesia Neotestamentaria? (Spanish edition of above)
--- $1.00 each

Bible Baptist Church Publications

Bible Baptist Church Publications
3-fold Gospel Tract


Uses 48 scripture references to give a clear presentation of the Gospel. Two colors -- all Bible references in blue

1 - 999

7 cents each + shipping

1,000 - 4,999

6 cents each + shipping

5,000 +

5 cents each + shipping

Can be imprinted [minimum order 500] with up to seven lines, giving your Church name, address, meeting times, etc.
Allow up to 4 weeks for imprinting service


10 cents each imprinted + shipping

1,000 - 4,999

8 cents each imprinted + shipping

5,000 +

6 cents each + shipping

The full text of this tract may be viewed on our web page.

Order from:

Bible Baptist Church Publications
1701 Harns Road,
Oak Harbor, Washington 98277

Telephone: (360) 675-8311
Fax: (360) 240-8347

Bible Believers Baptist Church

Bible Believers Baptist Church
Tract Ministry
5360 E. Center Dr. NE
N. Canton, Ohio 44721

"If I Only Had One More Chance"

Bible Believers Baptist Church

Bible Believers Baptist Church
Mike Collingwood
660 Constitution Ave
Stowe, PA 19464 USA

Printing ministry of the church, printing tracts, booklets and prayer cards - prints only KJV tracts.

Bible Believers' Evangelistic Association

Bible Believers' Evangelistic Association
Rt. 3 Box 92
Sherman, Texas 75090
Phone - 903-893-7787
Tracts by Leon Bates. This group features the spectacular "Rapture Picture" painted by Charles Anderson. Offered as a print, framed or unframed, postcards or placemats.

"Battle Map"

Bible Believing Street Preachers

Bible Believing Street Preachers
P.O. Box 52
Dayton, KY 41074

Bible Broadcasting Network

Bible Broadcasting Network
8030 Arrowridge Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28273-5604 USA
1-800-888-7077 or 704-523-5555

How to get to Heaven from North Carolina (available in most of the 50 states) tracts. You will probably have to call or write for information on the tracts.

The Bible House

The Bible House
K. Gamsakhurdia Str. 35/37

These tracts are in the Georgian language. Georgia is a country in the Commonwealth of Independent States. We can suggest following items for street distribution:

1) Jesus Friend of Children $ 0.90
2) Gospel of John $ 0.90
3) You must be born again $0.50 (BC Publication)
4) Christianity and Humanity $ 0.50 (BC Publication)

The Bible League

The Bible League
16801 Van Dam Road
South Holland, IL 60473

"The Road of Life" booklet in English and Spanish

Liga del Sembrador
Apartado 14-351
Mexico 14
DF Mexico
"The Road of Life" booklet in Spanish

Los Sembradores
Casilla Postal 9305
La Paz, Bolivia
"The Road of Life" booklet in Spanish


BLI (formerly Bible Literature International)

Partnering with an agency to provide 10,000 "talking tracts" in the different languages. "It's about the size of an audiocassette tape," says BLI's Brad Quicksall. "There are no moving parts. It's done with a microchip, and it's solar powered. It has a 20 minute message on it that presents Christianity and an opportunity to tune into a radio station where they can hear more.". "It's a great tool, particularly where you have people who may not be literate," he says.

Bible Tracts, Inc.

Bible Tracts, Inc.
1925 S Main St.
Bloomington, Illinois 61704-7301

PO Box 188
Bloomington, Illinois 61702-0188

Phone: 309.452.7439
Founder: Paul Levin

Bible Tracts, Inc. was started in 1938.
We have 41 titles
18 Languages in Stock: Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Ilocano, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Pidgin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, and other languages. To date we have produced 480 million tracts and sent them around the world.

All tracts are FREE and postpaid as the Lord provides. Please write for a free sample pack. They will print one of their tracts (What About Eternal Life?) with your church address on them in either English, Spanish or Russian.

Bible Truth Publishers

Bible Truth Publishers
59 Industrial Rd.
P.O. Box 649
Addison, IL 60101 USA
Phone: (630) 543-1441
Fax: (630) 543-1476
Samples upon request

Bibles for the Blind and Visually Handicapped

Bibles for the Blind and Visually Handicapped
3228 E. Rosehill Ave.
Terre Haute, IN 47805-1297


Bibles for the Blind and Visually Handicapped. An organization which subsidizes Bibles in Braille in several languages. Produces the Bible and evangelical tracts in Braille.

Biblical Publications

Biblical Publications
Rt. 4
Box 288
Bluff City, TN 37618

"Now that you are a Christian" - excellent follow up tract.
"Never too old"


Unit 6
Garcia Estate
Canterbury Rd
W Sussex
BN13 1AL
Tel: +44 (0)1903 690112

BIENTOT is a free quarterly paper in French, similar to SOON. Two versions are produced - one for Francophone Africa, and one for French-speaking Europe.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Box 779
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55440

"Steps to Peace with God" an excellent booklet for sharing the gospel, well written using graphics/pictures.

Bogard Press

Bogard Press
4605 North State Line
Texarkana, Ark.-Tex 75503

"The New Birth"
New age tract.

The Branch Ministries

The Branch Ministries
PO Box 60
Turtletown, TN. 37391
or call 423-496-1777


They send out free tracts to any who ask. They are on quality paper and done in color and contain nothing but King James Text.

C.L. "Smokey" Boyle

C.L. "Smokey" Boyle
Rt . 3
Harlingen, Texas 78550
"Hello!! How many Winter Texas are Going to Heaven?"

Call of Hope

Call of Hope
Box 100827
Stuttgart 70007

Roger Campbell Ministries

Roger Campbell Ministries
P.O. Box 290444
Waterford, MI 48329
fax: 248-623-7310

Campus Crusade for Christ

Campus Crusade for Christ
100 Sunport Lane
Orlando, FL 32809
(407) 826-2000

Evangelistic Presentations

Alan Beeber of CCC writes:
"We have added a link on the page to the 180+ language versions of the Four Laws (and other variations) for those who cannot find their language among the 35 longer Good News presentations of "Who is Jesus ... Really?" "At the bottom of that page there is a "Link to Us" button which allows Christians to link to not only the "Who is Jesus ... Really?" site but also the flash versions of "Knowing God Personally" and the "Four Spiritual Laws". Many people want to have an evangelistic link on their home page, but don't have the time and resources to do it, so we are providing these to the Body of Christ.

CCC's WorldLINK Evangelistic Mini CDs

The business-card size mini-CD from CCC's WorldLINK, 'Who is He', contains an interactive jargon-free explanation of the Gospel in 20 languages. Seekers can contact someone who speaks their language via the CD if they have Web access. Reduced costs have enabled the ministry to offer these for a suggested donation of only one US dollar dropping to 80 cents for orders over 5000.

Four Spiritual Laws

Campus Crusade for Christ's four spiritual laws Campus Crusade for Christ's four spiritual laws in a few languages excellent to use when sharing the gospel.

The Four Spiritual Laws Booklet is available in these languages:
You can read them on their web page in each language.

Here is a list of currently available languages with online versions of Campus Crusade for Christ's four spiritual laws.

Afrikaans ~ Akuapim Twi ~ Albanian ~ Amharic ~ Arabic ~ Assamese ~ Ateso ~ Avar ~ Colloquial Assyrian ~ Aymara ~ Bambara ~ Bari ~ Belorussian ~ Bengali ~ Berom ~ Bicolano ~ Braille Version ~ Bukusu ~ Bulgarian ~ Burmese ~ Castilian ~ Cebuano ~ Chibemba ~ Chinese, Simplified ~ Chinese, Traditional ~ Cree ~ Creole (Haitian) ~ Croatian ~ Czech ~ Danish ~ Dogon ~ Dutch ~ Eastern Armenian ~ Ebira ~ Egyptian Colloquial Arabic ~ Ekegusii ~ English ~ English (Flash version) ~ English - First Nations (Canada) ~ English - Middle East Adapted ~ Estonian ~ Ewe ~ Faroese ~ Farsi ~ Fijian ~ Finnish ~ French ~ German ~ Greek ~ Gujarathi ~ Hausa ~ Hebrew ~ Hindi ~ Hungarian ~ Ibo ~ Icelandic ~ Igala ~ Igede ~ Ilocano ~ Indonesian ~ Italian ~ Japanese ~ Javanese ~ Javanese, Surinami ~ Kalenjin ~ Kamba ~ Kannada ~ Kazak ~ Khmer (Central Cambodian) ~ Kikuyu ~ Kimeru ~ Kiluba ~ Kinandi ~ Kinyarwanda ~ Kiriol ~ Konkani ~ Korean ~ Kumyk ~ Lango ~ Laotian ~ Latvian ~ Luba Kaonde ~ Luganda ~ Lugbara ~ Lunda-Ndembu ~ Luo ~ Malagasy ~ Malayalam ~ Mambila ~ Mari Low ~ Marshallese ~ Mongolian ~ Moru ~ Musselmani ~ Norwegian Navajo ~ Oriya ~ Pedi (Northern Sotho) ~ Police Motue ~ Polish ~ Portuguese (Brazilian) ~ Portuguese (Portugal) ~ Punjabi ~ Romanian ~ Runyankole/Rukiga ~ Runyoro ~ Russian ~ Russian, Central Asian Muslim ~ Serbian ~ Sesotho (Southern Sotho) ~ Shona ~ Sinhalese ~ Siswati ~ Slovenian ~ Spanish ~ Sranan Tongo ~ Swahili ~ Swedish ~ Tagalog ~ Tamil ~ Tarok ~ Telegu ~ Thai ~ Tigrenya ~ Tiv ~ Tonga ~ Tsonga ~ Tsonga, Changana ~ Tswana ~ Turkish ~ Tyap ~ Ukrainian ~ Urdu Pakistani ~ Vietnamese ~ Western Armenian ~ Xhosa ~ Yoruba ~ Zaire Swahili ~ Zulu - text only

* Bilingual printable versions of the Four Spiritual Laws!
* Good News - A children's version of the Four Spiritual Laws
* Would You Like to Know God Personally? - A Four Laws version using the term "principles" rather than "laws".
* Beginning Your Journey of Joy - A Woman's version of "Would You Like to Know God Personally?"
* 5 Clicks - Learn how to prepare your own personal testimony while using the Four Spiritual Laws.
* Would you like hear or see Dr. Bill Bright share the Four Spiritual Laws?
Children's version of the four spiritual laws
Would You Like to Know God Personally? - A Four Laws version using the term "principles" rather than "laws".
Beginning Your Journey of Joy - A Woman's version of "Would You Like to Know God Personally?"
flash version of Would You Like to Know God Personally? - A Four Laws version using the term "principles" rather than "laws".

Good News - A children's version of the Four Spiritual Laws

Campus Crusade for Christ
New Life Resources
101 TDK Blvd. Suite B
Peachtree City, GA. 30269

To order call toll-free 1-800-827-2788
or use our On-Line Ordering service

Have You Heard of the Four Spiritual Laws?
4LAWSPackage of 50 Booklets in English$8.99

4LAWSSPPackage of 50 Booklets in Spanish$6.99
Four Spiritual Laws tracts/booklets available in many languages

Would You Like to Know God Personally?
KGP Package of 50 Booklets$8.99
Have You Made the Wonderful Discovery of the Spirit-Filled Life?
HLYSPPKG Package of 25 Booklets in English$5.99
HLYSPPKGS Package of 25
Booklets in Spanish$5.99
Good News Comic Book
GDNEWSPK Package of 25 Booklets$8.99
Good News Glove
GDNEWSGL Package of 12 Gloves$7.99
Would You Like to Belong to God's Family?
BELONG Package of 25 Booklets
Beginning Your Journey of Joy JOY Package of 25 Booklets$5.99

Campus Crusade for Christ International
Laguna, Niguel, California 92577
The Greatest Promise booklet in English and Spanish
full color tract with scenes from the Jesus film

*Campus Crusade for Christ's four spiritual laws
Campus Crusade for Christ's four spiritual laws in a few languages excellent to use when sharing the gospel.
Children's version of the four spiritual laws
Would You Like to Know God Personally? - A Four Laws version using the term "principles" rather than "laws".
Beginning Your Journey of Joy - A Woman's version of "Would You Like to Know God Personally?"
flash version of Would You Like to Know God Personally? - A Four Laws version using the term "principles" rather than "laws".

Canadian Bible Society

Canadian Bible Society
10 Carnforth Rd.
Toronto, M4A 2S4

Canadian Tract Society

Canadian Tract Society
Box 203
Port Credit
Mississauga, Ontario L5G4L7 Canada

Chamada Portuguese Tracts

Proclaiming The Word Of God On The Internet In Brazil

Chamada, a Christian portal for Portuguese-speaking persons, provides literature, biblical messages, articles, tracts, magazines, book information and much more. People may request Bible studies, ask questions about salvation and request free samples of magazines; visitors may subscribe to Christian magazines and buy Christian books. Chamada is listed among the top 10 in the "religion" category in iBest (Internet's Best, an Oscar-like contest of Brazilian Internet). One visitor wrote, "I liked it very much. I'm not a born-again Christian but I'm curious to know more about it." Pray for this fine evangelistic effort and fellowship outreach in the country of Brazil.


Witnessing To The World--Cartoons With A Smile And A Message, a brand new Web site, provides readers entertainment and spiritual encouragement through daily, Gospel-oriented cartoon tracts. Evangelizing through universal messages of humor and truth, these cartoons--which have sold over 35 million copies, according to director Ron Wheeler--are freely available for inclusion on other Internet Ministries' Web sites. "I think if anyone wants to project a fun, humorous, non-threatening yet poignant witness to the world of the saving grace of Jesus Christ on their Web site, they would really be interested in [these cartoons]," said Wheeler. Every page of points visitors to Christ, whether through humor, captions, Scriptural truth, or simply a toll-free number (1-888-NEED HIM) for visitors to talk with someone personally about the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Cartoon of the Day:


Publicacoes Cedo
Apartado 2294
4700 Braga Codex
Tel: +351 (0)53 269 785
Fax: +351 (0)53 610 590

CEDO is a free quarterly paper in Portuguese, similar to SOON, aimed at both Portugal and Portuguese-speaking Africa.

The Center for Apologetics Research

The Center for Apologetics Research
Saint Petersburg, Russia
The Center for Apologetics Research
194044 Saint Petersburg
Box 954

Roger De Lozier
Russian and Ukrainian web site with camera ready tracts on apologetics and cults.

Russian Tracts
Although English titles to our tracts appear below the following PDF files contain literature written or translated into the Russian language.

Walter Martin
Kingdom of the Cults: Time to Stand for Truth
General Apologetics

Is Sun Myong Moon's Principle Really Divine?
Unification Church

Wesley P. Walters
The Book of Mormon Today

Mormon Missionaries at Your Door

Is Mormonism Christian?

Mormon Missionaries

Dmitry Rozet
Mormons and Polygamy

Latter Day Saints:
Where Do They Contradict the Bible?

Children of the Tower
Jehovah's Witnesses

Joel B. Groat
Facts You Should Know About
Jehovah's Witnesses

Danger at your Door
Duane Magnani
Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses and 1975
Duane Magnani

Jesus: Is He a True or a False God?
Rob Bowman
Jehovah's Witnesses

Gospel Test for Jehovah's Witnesses

Theocratic War Strategy
Duane Magnani
Jehovah's Witnesses

J. J. Ross
Some Facts About the Self-Styled "Pastor" Russel (1912)
Jehovah's Witnesses

One God or Many?
Jehovah's Witnesses

Walter Martin Does God Always Heal?
General Apologetics

Jehovah's Witnesses:
Prophets, Promises, Problems

Do You Know All You Should Know
About Abortion

Melody Green
Questions Most Often Asked About Abortion

After Abortion: Can Anyone Understand?

D. Smirnov
The Pharisees' Hypocrisy

The Diary of an Unborn Child

Melody Green
Children - Trash?

Crux of the Matter:
The Jehovah's Witnesses and the Cross of Christ

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