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Chapel Library

Chapel Library
2603 West Wright Street
Pensacola, Florida 32505
"Instead of me"
"Are you forgiven"
Check it Out Tracts
These tracts can be seen online at the website address below.
With the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, the tracts will be seen without distorting the Greek characters. Tract format or 8.5 X 11 inch format can be printed.

Most recent tracts: Have, Hold, or Esteem Adoption, The Blood, Days of Lot, Election, Eternal Life, Faith or Believe, Grace, Have, Hold, or Esteem, Inheritance, Jewels, John 3:16, John 3:5, John 4, John 5:24, Little Children, Paul's Gospel, Presumptuous Sin, Redemption, Resurrection, Rich Ruler, Unpardonable Sin, Willful Sin.

Chick Publications

Chick Publications
P.O. Box 3500
Ontario, CA

(909) 987-0771 Ph.
(909) 941-8128 Fax

Illustrated tracts/booklets in many languages of the world - distribution points in many areas of the world. The addresses are after the list of languages available. Ask for their nice colorful catalog. It's a nice website

Chick tracts are available in these languages:
Afrikaans - Albanian - Amharic - Arabic - Armenian - Blue Hmong - Bulgarian - Burmese - Cambodian - Cebuano - Chichewa - Chinese - Creole - Croatian - Czech - Danish - Dendi - Dutch - English - Estonian - Finnish - French(75 titles) - German (65 titles) - Greek - Haitian - Hausa - Hebrew - Hindi - Hungarian - Icelandic - Ilocano - Indonesian - Inuit - Italian - Japanese - Kannada - Konkani - Korean - Latvian - Lithuanian - Lugandan - Luxembourgian - Maasai - Macedonian - Malagasy - Maltese - Marshallese - Mongolian - New Guinea - Norwegian - Papiamentu - Pidgin - Polish - Portuguese - Romanian - Russian - Sango - Serbian - Slovak - Southern Sotho - Spanish - Suriname - Swahili - Swedish - Tagalog - Tahitian - Tatur - Thai - Tigrigna - Tiv - Tonga - Turkish - Ukrainian - Vietnamese - White Hmong - Wordless Gospels ( for Haiti and New Guinea) - Yanomano - Yoruba - Zulu.

Chick International Distributors

Chick tracts are available in fine Christian bookstores worldwide or from the distributors listed below. If your country is not listed here, Chick tracts are available directly from Chick Publications, P.O. Box 662, Chino, CA 91708-0662, U.S.A. (Tel: 909-987-0771 or Fax: 909-941-8128).


Producciones Peniel
Boedo 25, (1206)
Buenos Aires
Tel: 981-6034
Fax: 981-6178

Librería La Antorcha
Av. Rivadavia 4156
Buenos Aires (1205)
Tel: (541) 958-5375
Fax: (541) 983-7550

Evangelistic Literature Enterprise
P.O. Box 5010
Brendale, Queensland 4500
Tel: (7) 3205-7100
Fax: (7) 3205-7703
Web site:

Verdades Biblicas
Casilla 1360
Tel: (42) 41511

Centro de Pesquisas Religiosas
Caixa Postal 92.950
Teresópolis (RJ), 25951-970
Tel/Fax: (021) 643-2325

Christ The Way Publications, Inc.
Box 43120, Eastwood Square
Kitchener, Ontario N2H 6S9
Tel: (519) 576-2600
Fax: (519) 576-3808
Web site:
Canadian Price List for Christ The Way
Request a free catalog and sample tract

Cruzada de Literatura Cristiana
Amunategui 57, Santiago 7011
Tel: 6985924
Centros de Literatura Cristiana
Diagonal 61 N° 24-46, Bogotá
Tel: 248 21 70 & 310 46 41
Fax: 5791 3104875

Libros Colombia LTDA
Carrera 42 #33-18
Tel: (5753) 406-058
Fax: (5753) 512-552

Librería Realidades
Av América 5604 y Av 10
de Agosto 5951 Centro Comercial
La Y Local No 4
Tel: 462-402

El Salvador
Amilat-Librerias Josué
Boulevard los Héroes
Pasaje San Carlos No. 144
San Salvador
Tel: (503) 260-2754
Fax: (503) 261-0938

32741 Aetsa
Tel/Fax: 03 513 3285

Fleuve De Vie
B.P. 67
08600 Givet
Tél: 03 24 37 14 94

Chick Gospel Literatur
Postfach 1166
D-51387 Burscheid
Tel: 2174-63815
Fax: 2174-2799

Publicaciones Vida
5 Ave 1-30, Zona 1
Ciudad de Guatemala
Tel: 710151

Distribuciones Vida
Colonia Rubén Dario
fte. a depositos ALDESA
Tel: 32-8661

Hong Kong
Jesus Cares Ministries
P.O. Box 95615
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Tel: 27217069
Fax: 23110829

Edizioni Centro Biblico
Via Padova 15
80026 Casoria
Tel/Fax: (081) 758 51 06

Evangel Book Centre
1018 Selangor Mansions
Kuala Lumpur
Tel/Fax: 6037745985

Libreria Maranatha, SA de CV
Rep De Uruguay #66-101
Centro 06000 DF
Tel: (5) 510-8644
Fax: (5) 521-3212

Libreria Puerta de la Fe
Independencia 36-B, Col. Centro
06050 Mexico DF
Tel: (5)512-0206
Fax: (5) 512-9475

Christian Mobile Literature
P.O. Box 20927
Windhoek, 9000
Tel: (61) 34466
Fax: 225-859

Chick Publications Netherlands
Postbus 22080
1100 CB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: (31) 20 600 9837
Fax: (31) 20 600 8210

New Zealand
N.Z. Evangelistic Society
P.O. Box 50096, Porirua

Word Publishing Company Ltd
113 Apapa Road
P.M.B. 1073
Tel: 845573
Fax: 834517

Centro de Literatura Cristiana
Apartado 3139, Zona 3
Tel: (507) 64-8212
Fax: (507) 64-8021

Papua New Guinea
Christian Literature Crusade
P.O. Box 1136
Tel: 675-25-3066
Fax: 675-25-3059

Libreria Bautista
Pettirossi 595, Asuncion
Tel: 021-23-753

Libreria El Inca
Jiron Pachitea #264
Lima 100
Tel/Fax: (14) 28-17-54

CLC Philippines
20 Karuhatan Road
1469 Valenzuela, Metro Manila
Tel: 291-5002
Fax: 291-5005

Philippine Bible Broadcasters, Inc.
PO Box 1750
1057 Manila CPO
Tel: (632) 926-28-09
Fax: (632) 922-30-73

Sierra Leone
Christian Literature Crusade
P.O. Box 1465
Free Town
Tel: 24382

Block 231, Bain Street, # 04-47
Bras Basah Complex
0718 Singapore
Tel: 65-338 6764
Fax: 65- 338 8236

Centro de Literatura Cristiana
Apartado 47122
28080 Madrid
Tel/Fax: 91 382-0496

Förlaget Dragen Ut
Box 11098
S-50711 Borĺs

Dorfstrasse 17
CH-8306 Brüttisellen
Tel/Fax: 01 8337 478

United Kingdom
B. McCall Barbour
28 George IV Bridge
Edinburgh EH1 1ES
Tel/Fax: 0131-225-4816

Centro de Literatura Cristiana
Av Uruguay 1344
Montevideo CP 11100
Tel: (598) 2 908 0016
Fax: (598) 903 0676

Centro de Literatura Cristiana
Apartado 563, Cabudare
Edo Lara 3001A
Tel/Fax: 51621941

E.V.M. Import & Export
Av. FCO. de Mda. Res. Irene APTO. 9/93
Los Ruices Caracas
Miranda 1071
Tel: (58) 2-239 8158

Child Evangelism Fellowship

Child Evangelism Fellowship
PO Box 348
Warrenton, MO 63383-0348
CEF Press : 1-(800)-748-7710
Phone (314)-456-4321
Fax(314)-456-2078 USA Department of CEF

English and Spanish tracts in the USA - Ask for the CEF Press catalog. Excellent tracts for children. Many tracts in different languages may be available at the offices in countries around the world, please contact the main office for the addresses for the missionary offices around the world

Carol Hamilton
Overseas Ministries of CEF

Child Evangelism Fellowship
Russian Literature Ministry
Spolecznosc Ewangelizacji Dzieci
ul. Meczenników Oswiecimskich 16
43-200 Pszczyna
fax: 48-32-211-56-37

Kids Sunday School materials in Russian, Polish, Hungarian tracts for evangelizing children:
(available in Russian, Ukrainian, Byelarussian, Tajik, Tatar, Turkmenian, Uzbek)
1. Good News for You
2. Jesus, my Lord and Savior

Child Evangelism Fellowship has an office in the same building with Association for Spiritual Renewal (see address) and Campus Crusade for Christ in Moscow
Association for Spiritual Renewal
(Russian branch of Peter Deyneka Russian Ministries)

117420 Moscow
Novae Cheriomuchsky Rayon
ul. Nametkina
Kvartal 29-30, Korpus 5
Phone: (095) 719-7945
Fax: (095) 719-7890

Child Evangelism Fellowship (European CEF Centre)
Sam Doherty
C 4438
tel: 41-62-601-405

fax: 41-62-601-566
CEF of Europe

ChildTel Ministries

Edward A. Swehla
(781) 935-1134

ChildTel Ministries (previously known as Childrens Telephone Ministry) is a Christ centered, non-denominational, non-profit Christian ministry. Since 1977, the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ has been shared with boys and girls throughout the world using recorded telephone messages, free Bible lessons in the mail and colorful tracts designed especially for children.

Christian Comics International Web Site

Christian Comics International Web Site
Links to different Christian comic books and Christian comic tracts including the "Truth for Youth comic books", the Dave Roever story comic tract.

Christian Destiny

Christian Destiny
P.O. Box C
Hillsboro, Kansas 67063
"God Has a Gift for You" by Dave Breese

Christian Jew Foundation

Christian Jew Foundation
P.O. Box 345
San Antonio, Texas 78206

Tracts for Jewish people
"Do you know the Messiah?"
"I was born a Jew and I'll Die a Jew"

Christian Publicity Organisation

Christian Publicity Organisation
Garcia Estate
Canterbury Rd
W Sussex
BN13 1BW
Tel: +44 (0)1903 264556
Fax: +44 (0) 1903 830066

A Christian Registered Charity with a mission to provide evangelistic and support materials that comprehensively serve the body of Christ. They are now in their 44th year of 'Serving The King of Kings' and employ over 50 very dedicated Christians at our 20,000 sq. ft. premises in Worthing, West Sussex, UK.

CPO specializes in producing quality evangelistic leaflets, tracts, cards and booklets. New material is always being offering on contemporary issues and seasonal subjects. Blank designs for leaflets and cards are also offered, which CPO will overprint with details of e.g. special church events, or can supply blank so that churches can overprint their own text by photocopier or computer printer. They will frequently work with other Christian organizations to produce specific joint evangelistic material. Such collaborations have produced literature for the World Cup, Tour de France, Olympics, and other sporting events. OM and UK's Scripture Union have been frequent partners.

Christian Research Institute International

Christian Research Institute International
P.O BOX 7000
Rancho Santa Margarita, California 92688-7000

CRI Canada
56051 Airways P.O.
Calgary Alberta T2E 8K5

Tracts on the resurrection, mormonism, freemansonry, jw's, mind science, catholicism, occult, transcendental meditation, unification church, baha'I The Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Error (World Religions), Islam has some Spanish tracts.

Christian Service Centers

Christian Service Centers
Box 308
Rantoul, IL 61866

Christians Evangelizing Catholics

Christians Evangelizing Catholics
P.O. Box 99141
Louisville, KY 40269 USA

They have several tracts in English and German.
The Do/Done Religion Store
The Drowning Man
A Guide to End Times for Roman Catholics
Good News of the Infinite Christ
The Infinite Christ of the Bible
He Feedeth on Ashes
Peter Continued Knocking
Pro Eternal Life
St. Peter Speaks to the World
Thou Art the Christ
Which Heaven?
Which Will You Believe?

The Church at Cane Creek

The Church at Cane Creek
1000 Pearl Road
Pleasantville, Tenn. 37147

"God Made Jesus to be Sin"
An excellent three fold tract using words and pictures.

Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort
Living Waters Publications
P.O. Box 1172
Bellflower, CA 90706

To order any of our books, tracts, tapes or videos call 1(800) 437-1893, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm PST

Ray Comfort is the writer of a book called Hell's Best Kept Secret, which stresses the use of talking about the law or commandments in witnessing and in tracts. His tracts are written using the law or commandments in order to convict people of sin. " The law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ." Galatians 3:24 Please order his sample pack. He is very creative. He has his own version of Campus Crusade for Christ's "Four Spiritual Laws " - it talks about the law and commandments. He even has real pressed copper pennies with the 10 commandments stamped on them. Excellent for starting a conversation. You can hear his book online at his website. The name of his tract publishing company is Living Waters Publications. Ray Comfort sometimes appears on Christian television talking about evangelism or witnessing on the streets. Please see his website. It is excellent.

Below are the titles of his tracts:

Most of our tracts come from our printers shrink-wrapped in packs of 100.Sorry, but we cannot guarantee there is exactly 100 in each pack.

200. Tract sample pack ($3.50)
Contains one of each of our tracts for you to browse over.

201. Starter Kit # 1 ($28) One hundred each of four of our most popular tracts.

We also have Starter Kit # 2 ($60). Ten of our tracts (Includes three free books).
.100 The Wallet
.100 Curved Illusion cards
.100 Intelligence Test Bookmarks
.100 Pressed Pennies
.100 Are You Good Enough to go to Heaven?
.100 Four Simple Laws
.100 The Atheist Test
.100 IQ Cards (Six F's)
.100 IQ Cards (Paris in the Spring)
.100 Titanic Cards

**Super Special** ($220) One hundred of 44 tract titles--that's 4,400 tracts for $220 (plus S/H). Normal price - $276 (approx). When you order the Super Special, we will give you five of our books FREE.

202.Natural Enquiry News (100 for $4)
Looks like National Inquirer. All the stories are taken directly from the Bible.

203.God Loves You (100 for $5)
Tells the truth about the Christian life, using Paul's life as an example.

204-210.IQ Cards - (Each title-100 for $3. See #211).

211. All Seven IQ Cards (Special price-$18).

212.Good News/Bad News (100 for $2)
Straight from the hip; short and to the point.

213.Visual Image Tract (100 for $4)
Follow the instructions and see what happens (also available in Spanish see #240).

214.Princess Diana Tract (100 for $5)
This colorful tract gently moves from this popular princess to the fact of our own mortality.

215.Celebrity Intelligence Test (100 for $5)
What do these popular stars have in common? ... They are all dead. The empty box reminds the reader of his/her mortality.

216.Mad As Hell (100 for $5)
Good for teenagers (it doesn't look "religious"). Starts with racism, then moves into the subject of God's hate for sin.

217.Abortion Tract (100 for $4)
Looks like a tabloid headline.
Use discretion as you give this out (because of its graphic nature).

218.To Whom Will You Turn (100 for $1)
A poem using the Ten Commandments.

219.The Round Tuit (100 for $4)
We have been meaning to do this one for years, but we never got a round tuit.

220.The Face of Reality (100 for $4)
A tract for Islam. It is written with sensitivity, yet contains the whole counsel of God. It is not an exposition of Islam, but a promotion of the Gospel of Salvation. The "skull" is actually a woman looking into a mirror.

221.Bond Certificate Tract (100 for $4)
A covenant between the Creator and the human race.

222.Curved Illusion (100 for $8) ***** Top Five! *****
You won't believe your eyes!
One of the tracts in the Starter Kit #2.
You may download the .AVI and watch it for yourself (700K)

223. Hijacked Tract (50 for $8)
32 pages. Pocket-sized comic book. Gripping story line.

224.Million Dollar Tract (100 for $3)
Offers one million dollars for an eye. Shows the value of a soul.

225.Something to Think About (100 for $10)
24 page booklet, 2 1/2" x 2". People love it. Tell them it has your picture on the front.

226.Earthquakes (100 for $5)
If you shake with fear when you give these out, it will add to the reality.

227.The International Tract (50 for $5)
Transcends the language barrier. Genesis to the Cross in pictures. John 3:16 in 26 languages. Now in black & white.

228.The Wallet (100 for $10) ***** Top Five! *****
One of the tracts in the Starter Kit #2. This one can be left lying around and is guaranteed to be picked up.

229.Shark Tract (100 for $4)
This is very easy to give away. Just say, "Did you see this! It's a shark biting a surfboard." Most people go, "Wow!" Then say to them, "You can keep it," and they say, "Thanks!"

230.Hey Kids (100 for $10)
This is a wonderful children's tract. For years we were asked to produce a children's tract that used the Ten Commandments, but we didn't know how we could produce something that would hold a child's attention. Finally we figured out how to do it. You will love this tract. It's a 24-page booklet, 2 1/12" x 2".

231.The Atheist Test (100 for $8)
Proves the existence of God and the non-existence of the atheist.
20-page publication.

232.Four Simple Laws (100 for $8)
Similar to The Four Spiritual Laws, but puts in what they forgot -- the Law, Judgment Day, repentance, Hell, and presents the Gospel as a means of righteousness rather than happiness.

233.Regular Basis (100 for $3)
Coffee coaster-looking tract. Now you can drink coffee (and do anything you want) on a "regular basis."

234.Big Money (100 for $4)
A good tract to leave lying around.

235.Are You Good Enough to go to Heaven? (100 for $5) *****Top Five!
This is a very popular tract. A thorough exposition of the Ten Commandments.

236.America, America (100 for $5)
Explains why cancer has increased 300% in ten years, why the increase in tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.

237.Intelligence Test Bookmarks (100 for $4)
Has a good "get-away" time. It takes a few minutes for the reader to even realize it's Christian tract. One of the tracts in the Starter Kit #2.

238.Pressed Pennies (100 for $6) ***** Top Five! *****
This is our most popular witnessing tool. It is a penny pressed with the Ten Commandments. Available in the Starter Kit #2.

239.A Penny For Your Thoughts (100 for $3)
A tract to go with the pressed pennies.

240.Visual Image Spanish version (100 for $4).

241.Las Vegas Tract - (100 for $5)
Spread them in your hand and say "Pick any card . . . any card at all. You're a winner!" Smile, and walk off.

242.Titanic tract -- (100 for $5) ***** Top Five! *****
Postcard size. Say, "Have you seen the movie 'Titanic?'-You might like one of these 'collectibles'."

244.The Bible is full of mistakes -- (50 for $6)
Full-color cartoon, 12-pages. A professor begins to prove to his students that the Bible is full of mistakes, and the church is full of hyprocites. Before he attempts to do so, he gives the arguments set forth by "brain-washed fundamentalists": prophecy, scientific facts, and the Ten Commandments. The students come under conviction and one student gives them the Gospel.

245.Evolution: Proof the Bible is False -- (100 for $5)
This will destroy the world's faith in evolution, as well as dealing with "Who made God?" Human suffering, etc.

246.Smart Card -- (100 for $5)
Place your thumb firmly on the red box for 15 seconds. If you are a "good" person, it will turn a greenish-blue.

247.Y2k Tract -- (100 for $8)
Never before has the world been stopped in it's tracks as it might be with the "Y2k" crisis. Surveys show that a year before the new millenium, 48% of Americans said they will withdraw their money from banks. Take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to extend a hand to the world.

249.Bullet Tract -- (100 for $8)
Gives the reason for kids killing kids. Die-cut in the shape of a bullet, with a tombstone on the back saying "In memory of those murdered while at school."

250.Star Wars -- (100 for $5)
We're excited about this tract, because it transcends generations. These graphics are directly from the film. They are "collectibles" - printed in a postcard format.

NOTE: We have an attractive Tract Display.
This displays 12 of our most popular tracts. It has been designed to get your church involved in using tracts. It is approximately 16" high by 11" wide, and will sit upright in the lobby of your church. The display, including the tracts is $8 (price includes S/H).

Continental Baptist Missions

Continental Baptist Missions
5900 Alpine NW
Cornstock Park, Michigan 49321
"Seis Paso que te Conducirán a Dios y al Cielo"
Spanish tracts

The Conversion Center Inc.

The Conversion Center Inc.
P.O.Box 31688
Raleigh, North Carolina 27622-1688

Telephone (919) 782-6140
Facsimile (919) 782-6678
Toll Free Number (800)-631-8220

Free Sample Tract pack of available tracts
"From the convent to the land of liberty"

The Conversion Center
18 W. Eagle Rd.
Havertown, PA

Ivor Cooper

Order from:

I'm an evangelist working in the UK. I've just printed a tract called 'A Friend of God'. It's evangelistic and for children aged 8-12. You can see an online copy at Friend of God

For use in a Holiday Club, mission, camp context or as part of an ongoing children's outreach programme.
Size: 8 pages - Full Colour - Fold-out style
Cost: 25pence each or 50 for 10 pounds (sterling)
(Plus postage & packing)

Cornerstone Ministry

Cornerstone Ministry
P.O. Box 43189
Birmingham, Alabama 35243

Romans Road tract. Thanks, Suggestions to new Christians
Five cents each

Create International Links to about 20 different ministries which are below:

Tracts in Various Languages

Lao Evangelistic Tract
An Evangelistic tract in English and Laoian. This tract is more like a booklet and has a lot of very good illustrations.

Buddhist Evangelistic Tract
This is a .pdf format file of a Buddhist evangelistic tract produced by Create International. It contains the recent testimony of a Burmese Buddhist monk that rose from the dead to tell his colleagues what he discovered when he went to Hell.

Call Of Hope
They make tracts specifically for evangelism in many languages-in Stuttgart, Germany

American Tract Society/International Tract Society "Steps to Peace With God", a well done tract by Billy Graham, and "Where Will You Spend Eternity?" are available in many languages. Created for N.American audience but simple enough to be understood by many cultures.

Campus Crusade For Christ
The tract "Four Spiritual Laws" is a clear presentation of the gospel and available in many languages. Simple enough to be understood by many cultures.

Don and Wendy Krow
Don and Wendy Krow write tracts for outreach in Colorado and some have been translated into Afrikaans, Arabic, German, Chinese, Tamil, Indonesian, Romanian, and Spanish. Text of tracts available to determine appropriateness for audience.

Evangelical Tract Society
English tracts translated: 3 tracts in French, 1 in Urdu.

Grace Vision Publishers
Small tracts. Some available in Spanish,Hindi, and Portuguese. Text to two tracts available to read.

International Teams
Large selection. Many languages. Some contextualised for specific religions or areas. Draws from a wide variety of sources. Look under Church Resource Database by Topic or Area.

The JapanNet
Ministry site specifically directed to those wanting resources for reaching Japanese. Many contextualised for Japanese. Tracts, etc.

Lifegate, Inc.
Simple gospel presentation in many languages.

Missions Bookstore
Some booklets contextualised for Chinese, and Buddhists. Many languages. Includes some Native American languages.

Multi-Language Media
Probably the largest selection in one place for so many different languages. Some contextualised for Buddhistss. Draws from a variety of sources.

Christian Literature to the World
Bibles and booklets in many languages, but most are translations of ones for broad audiences.

Scripture Gift Mission International
SGM is committed to letting the Bible speak for itself. The tract is primarily scripture. A few have been specifically written for Buddhists, and Hindus.

Cartoon Tracts
Various tracts in cartoon format in Korean and other languages.

Czech Tracts

The ministries below print tracts in Czech and Slovak.

Brno Printing Mission
Brnenska Tiskova Misie (BTM)
P.O. Box 64
638 00 BRNO
Czech Republic

Tracts in Czech

P.O.Box 11
840 09 Bratislava 49

tracts in Slovak

Jezis pre kazdeho (JPK) /Jesus for everybody/
P.O.Box 49
934 05 Levice
tracts in Slovak

Misijna spolocnost evanjelia Jezisa Krista
Pupavova 43
841 04 Bratislava
tracts in Slovak

Kristus pro kazdeho (Christ for everybody)
V kopecku 89
500 01 Hradec Kralove
Czech Republic
tracts in Czech

CzechoSlovak Evangelical Mission

CzechoSlovak Evangelical Mission
Joseph Novak
1601 Bramsey Dr.
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L5J 2H8

Good selection of Czech tracts with some Slovak, English and Spanish tracts.

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World Christian Tract Directory

World Christian Tract Directory