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D & K Press

D & K Press
P.O. Box 875
San Leandro, CA 94577-0442

One of the best Christian book and video catalogs in the USA, excellent catalog- Don Robertson scans 100's of books a year and chooses the best books and videos on the topics of apologetics, Christian living, church growth, conselling, creation versus evolution, cults, discipleship, doctrinal subjects, evangelism, family, marriage, firm foundations, gifts, leadership, missions, outreach to catholics, prophecy, small group studies, etc...

Has the Ultimate Questions booklet at quantity discounts in 31 languages.
Quantity discounts down to 55 cents each.
D& K has 27 small 48 page books by John Ankerberg.

Roger De Lozier

Roger De Lozier

Russian and Ukrainian web site with camera ready tracts on apologetics and cults Russian Tracts
Although English titles to our tracts appear below the following PDF files contain literature written or translated into the Russian language.

Walter Martin
Kingdom of the Cults: Time to Stand for Truth
General Apologetics

Is Sun Myong Moon's Principle Really Divine?
Unification Church

Wesley P. Walters
The Book of Mormon Today

Mormon Missionaries at Your Door

Is Mormonism Christian?

Mormon Missionaries

Dmitry Rozet
Mormons and Polygamy

Latter Day Saints:
Where Do They Contradict the Bible?

Children of the Tower
Jehovah's Witnesses

Joel B. Groat
Facts You Should Know About
Jehovah's Witnesses

Danger at your Door
Duane Magnani
Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses and 1975
Duane Magnani

Jesus: Is He a True or a False God?
Rob Bowman
Jehovah's Witnesses

Gospel Test for Jehovah's Witnesses

Theocratic War Strategy
Duane Magnani
Jehovah's Witnesses

J. J. Ross
Some Facts About the Self-Styled "Pastor" Russel (1912)
Jehovah's Witnesses

One God or Many?
Jehovah's Witnesses

Walter Martin Does God Always Heal?
General Apologetics

Jehovah's Witnesses:
Prophets, Promises, Problems

Do You Know All You Should Know
About Abortion

Melody Green
Questions Most Often Asked About Abortion

After Abortion: Can Anyone Understand?

D. Smirnov
The Pharisees' Hypocrisy

The Diary of an Unborn Child

Melody Green
Children - Trash?

Crux of the Matter:
The Jehovah's Witnesses and the Cross of Christ


Andoverstr. 77
47574 Goch
Tel: +49 (0)2823 41681

DER WEG is a free quarterly paper in German, designed for those learning German, primarily in E Europe.

Dial-The-Truth Ministries

Dial-The-Truth Ministries
5990 Willow Ridge Road
Pinson, AL 35126

Jesus Is Coming .05 Rock Music - Devil's Advocate .05 Rock Music: It Kills .05 Christian Rock: Exposed .05 The Rise of Satanism .05 World's Deadliest Drug .05 Fatal Attraction .05 Abortion: What They Won't Dare Tell or Show You! .05 The Truth About Hell .05 That Amazing Book .05 The Attack on the Bible .05 The New King James Counterfeit .05 New International perVersion (NIV) .05 Bible Version Comparison Chart .05 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ .05 When Is Jesus Coming? .05 Coming Soon - 666 .05 Once Saved, Always Saved? .05 Why (Did Jesus Die)? .05 Bible Correctors Losing Voice .05 Scientists Prove Divine Author of Genesis .05 Sample Packet of All Tracts 1.00


A variety of awesome online flash type tracts.

*New Digitract: "The Cross"
More good news for the Net -- a new virtual tract from the folks at DigiTracts and the American Tract Society . Called "The Cross" (online at ), the DigiTract takes viewers through the steps to salvation.

Discerner Publications

Discerner Publications
Box 97
Cleves, Ohio 45002

"4 Things God Wants you to Know"
Well written tracts.


I saw a button labeled "Do Not Enter" on a Christian's website recently, and curiosity got the better of me, so I clicked on it. What I found was an interesting gospel presentation:

The tract comes from the online apologetics resource
An excellent web site with a gospel presentation - an online tract

Dove Publications

Dove Publications
Morton Kelsey
Pecos, New Mexico 87552

Ediciones Las Americas A.C.

Ediciones Las Americas A.C.
Apdo. Postal 78
72000, Puebla, Mexico
Tel 48 39 23

Spanish tracts
"Una Mapa Biblico"

Editorial Bautista Independiente

Editorial Bautista Independiente
3417 Kenilworth Blvd.
Sebring, FL 33870

Tel: 941-382-6350
Fax: 941-382-8650

It the publishing arm in Spanish for Baptist Mid Mission and highly recommended.
"Seis Paso que te Conducirán a Dios y al Cielo"
Spanish tracts
Editorial Buenas Nuevas
P.O. Box 33326
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33420-3326

Good selection of Spanish tracts
Two color covers
Nice graphics
Write for a sample pack

Editorial Buenas Nuevas

Editorial Buenas Nuevas
210 Chestnut Street
Illinois 61832

Free sample pack
"Conoces a este hombre?"

Editorial Palabra Maravillosa

Editorial Palabra Maravillosa
107 W. Lincoln
Harlingen, Texas 78550

Publishes Spanish tracts including the Abyss tract "el abysmo tiene puente"

Mr. And Mrs. Clarence Elzinga

Mr. And Mrs. Clarence Elzinga
P. O. Box 386
Galesburg, Michigan 49053-0386

Includes a fake lottery ticket, a motorcycle tract, "Ideals for Orderly Homes," and the nostalgic "Do You Remember the REAL America?" Fun stuff.

Faith, Prayer and Tract League
Grand Rapids, MI 49504-1390
$2 for assorted sample tracts

La Espada

La Espada
P.O. Box 1360
Mission, Texas 78572


Spanish and English Tracts/Booklets has a 30 page booklet: How to Be Saved- a thorough presentation of the gospel.

Evangelical Tract Distributors

Evangelical Tract Distributors
P.O. Box146
Edmonton, AB
Canada T5J 2G9

This is a source of tracts with 100's of titles.
Here is a partial listing of our most requested English tracts.
Please feel free to order any and whatever amount you can use.

- ABC of the Gospel
- Are you born again?
- A travellers guide to Heaven
- Bank of Eternal life
- Do you believe in the old rugged cross?
- First the bad news, then the good news
- Four things God wants you to know
- How Canada got its name
- I must tell you this
- It is not your fault
- King Heroin
- Only four steps to Heaven
- Pardon Me
- Road ends at cemetary
- Sharing Christ through tract evangelism
- Signs of the times
- The Romans map to Heaven
- Trick or treat
- What are you searching for?
- You shouldn't be reading this

Tracts on these subjects: drugs, second coming, children, cults, new year's, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

We print over 650 different English titles.

Here is a listing of the foreign languages that we carry.
Not all of our English tracts are printed in these languages.

Afrikaan - Amharic - Arabic - Armenian - Bemba - Bengali - Burmese - Cambodian - Cebuano - Chinese - Cree - Creole - Croatian - Czech - Danish - Dutch - Farsi - Finnish - French - German - Greek - Hausa - Hindi - Hungarian - Ibo - Ilocano - Ilongo - Indonesian - Italian - Japanese - Kalenjin - Kanarese - Kannada - Korean - Luganda

Malagasy - Malay - Malayalam - Maltese - Marathi - Nepali - Nyanji - Oriya - Pangisinan - Persian - Polish - Punjabi - Portuguese - Romanian - Russian - Shangaan - Shona - Singhalese - Slovenian - Sotho - Spanish - Swahili - Tagalog - Tamil - Telugu - Tigrigna - Turkish - Ukrainian - Urdu - Vietnamese - Waray - Xhosa - Yoruba - Zulu

Evangelical Tract Society

Evangelical Tract Society
48-50 Park Ridings
London N8 0LD

ETS Catalogue of Publications

Their catalogue is arranged according to theme/target audience. Tract covers of many of their tracts may be seen on the web page. There might be a description of the tracts on the web site now or in the future.

Categories of tracts are All Scripture series, General, Children's tracts, Teenagers, Personal testimonies, Non-English language tracts, Christmas, Easter, Remembrance Day, and Specialised tracts.

Tract titles in the All Scripture Series include What is salvation? and It's your future.

In the General category, tract titles include:

Are you a Christian?
The way of salvation
The way of salvation (in Urdu)
3 score years & then? (Hourglass design)
3 score years & then? (Sundial design)
Religion or salvation
Heaven - how?
Crucify Him!
You matter to God
Do good people go to heaven?
Jesus is coming again
The perfect law of liberty
Through the oven door
It happened on Good Friday
A little learning
Crossword puzzle
Through the Turnstile
Par le tourniquet (French)
Pollution: who's to blame?
Want to get rich?
Someone to trust
Believe...? You cannot be serious!
Back to square one
Society's chickens
And now the good news
It could be YOU!
Just a minute
Warning: it could damage your health
It is not what it seems
What happens next?

In the Children's tracts category, the titles include:

John's adventure, L'aventure de Jean (French)
Mine twice over
The broken bridge
A narrow escape
Oh dear, oh dear! said the caterpillar

In the Teenagers category, the titles include:

This man Jesus
Who cares?

In the Personal testimonies category, the titles include:

An unexpected encounter
A true story

In the Foreign language category, the titles include:

L'aventure de Jean (French)
Un tresor dans le ciel (French)
Par le tourniquet (French)
The Way of Salvation (Urdu) .

In the Christmas category, the titles include:

Putting Christ into Christmas
Why was he sent?
Peace on Earth?
This man Jesus
Hark! the herald angels sing

In the Easter category, the titles include:

Crucify Him!
Life after death
It happened on Good Friday
Holidays or holy days?
This man Jesus
Crossword puzzle
Remembrance Day

In the Specialised tracts category, the titles include:

The only priest you need
Hello! Is anybody there?
Jehovah's Witnesses...?
Dear Witness..,. Moses and his mission (for Moslems/Jews)
Safe sex guide
A national scandal

ETS also has Sample Packs, and BOOKLETS with these titles:

A growing faith
Sailing on (ETS History) and Facing the Facts
and Scripture Stickers which are Self-adhesive labels, bearing the words of Romans 6:23. ETS also has Audio Tracts.

Evangelism Explosion International

Evangelism Explosion International
P.O. Box 23820
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33307
Our Phone Numbers:
Main Line: (954) 491-6100
Fax: (954) 771-2256
Order Line: (888) 567-3543
Order Fax: (800) 705-9055

On The Web:
General Information
Web Page Comments
Clinic information

Do You Know For Sure?? Adult (each) This is the "Green" tract which are handed out a million times a year! Call 888-567-3543 for quantity breaks on boxes of 500 and 1000!! 14 cents each

Heaven?? Tract for kids

EvanTell, Inc.

EvanTell, Inc.
9212 Markville
Dallas, Texas 75243
(972) 690-3125 (Fax)

Me Permite Hacerle Una Pregunta?
Excellent tract with text and graphics
(Tracts are sold 25 per pack)

Individual sample tracts are 20 cents each
1-5 packs - 3.75 per pack - 15 cents each
6-10 packs - 3.50 per pack - 14 cents each
11+ packs - 3.00 per pack - 12 cents each Sample Pack - $ 1.50 each

Evangelistic Tracts:

Every Home for Christ

Every Home for Christ
20232 Sunburst Street
Chatsworth, California 91311-6286

Every Home for Christ
7899 Lexington drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920
United States of America
Phone : 719-260-8888
Fax : 719-260-7408

Below are Every Home for Christ addresses around the world:

Denys Blackmore
P.O. Box 3636
Ontario N1H 7S2, CANADA
voice (519) 837-2010
fax (519) 837-3280

Mr. Pierre Clement
CMM - Union Chretienne
15, rue Guillaume-Farel
F-92400 Courbevoie, FRANCE
voice (33-1) 4768-5762
fax (33-1) 4667-9540

Hendrik J.A. Hanekom
P.O. Box 9463
Centurion, 0046
voice (27-12) 665-0343 fax (27-12) 665-0381

Eric Leach
P.O. Box 168
Penshurst, N.S.W. 2222
voice (61-2) 9570-8211
fax (61-2) 9570-4738

Every Home for Christ is a ministry that takes tracts or booklets door to door throughout the world and has offices in many countries most tracts are for in home use, but they also have tracts in English and Spanish and possibly other languages for an offering.

"How to find the road to happiness" in English and Spanish.

Express Printing

Spanish tracts
"La Carta de un Soldado"

Faith Ministries

Faith Ministries
22 Gallivan
Greenville, SC 29609

Written by Gerald Johnson, 45 year missionary to Asia
Has a sample pack of Christmas tracts
Advertises in an independent Baptist newspaper
All tracts free as the Lord provides.
Ask about our free Bible Correspondence Courses.

Faith Mission Publications

Faith Mission Publications
141 Bancroft Private Dr.
Kingsport, Tennessee 37660 USA
"Wit's end corner'
Romans Road in Spanish: Segun el libro a los Romanos

Faith Prayer & Tract League

Faith Prayer & Tract League
2627 Elmridge Drive NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544-1390 USA
Phone: (616) 453-7695
Fax: (616) 453-2460

Has a sample pack
Old fashioned tracts
362 different titles in English and Spanish on many different subjects

Send $2 or $4 for Assorted tracts
For Complete Assortment of all tracts send $10
For Complete Assortment plus booklets & Christmas items send $12
For Postcard Assortment send $4
For Card Assortment send $4
For Poem Assortment send $4
For Spanish/English sample set send $2

Far East Bible College Bookroom

Far East Bible College Bookroom
9A Gilstead Rd.
Singapore 309063
Tel: 65-2549188
Fax: 65-2506955

Gospel tracts in English and Mandarin Chinese.

FBC Press

Here's a list of tracts that they publish:

- "The Most Important Thing You Must Consider" (English)

- "The Most Important Thing You Must Consider" (Spanish)

- "What Are You Looking For?"

- "Better Than Money"

Fellowship Tract League

Fellowship Tract League
PO Box 164
Lebanon, Ohio 45036 USA

ph: 513-494-1075
ph: 513-401-1075
fax: 513-494-2626

They have a sample pack - single fold tracts in many languages - good selection in English and Spanish - inexpensive - sends out over 100 million tracts around the world each year - an organization with a great missionary vision - every $6 love offering prints 1000 gospel tracts (without shipping)

Fellowship Tract League offers a special discount for people who order one million tracts. Normally, the cost (offering) would be $6000. If you order one million tracts the cost (offering) is $2000, which means you just pay for the paper cost. However, you still have to pay (offering) for shipping. If you have a friend with a truck which goes through Ohio, perhaps he can pick up the tracts. Please contact Fellowship Tract League for more information.

Their tracts are available in these languages:
Albanian - Arabic - Aruba - Bulgarian - Cebuano - Chinese - Creole - Croation - Czech - Danish - Dutch - Estonian - French - Georgian - German - Hindi - Hmong - Ilocano - Ilongo - Italian - Japanese - Kannada - Kazak - Korean - Latvian - Lituanian - Malayalam - Norwegian - Pidgin - Polish - Portuguese - Romanian - Russian - Samoan - Slovak - Spanish - Swahili - Tagalog - Tajik - Tamil - Tatar - Telegu - Tswana - Turkish - Ukrainian - Urdu - Uzbek - Vietnamese.

Fields International
Fields International, an online ministry based in Richmond, Virginia, USA, is one of a growing number of ministries taking tract evangelism from the streets to the Internet. Fields International now offers virtual tracts for e-vangelists at its "e-trax" web site.

Fields International makes two tracts are available in HTML, with plans for more in the future. The ministry invites others to e-mail these tracts -- but requests that you contact them ( ) when you do so. The ministry would probably also be happy to have you link to either tract, or both, from your Web site, if you request permission first.

The Final Call

The Final Call
PO Box 233
Bangor, Michigan 49013

Tracts stressing repentance.

Fires of Revival

Fires of Revival
Post Office Box R
Zachary, Louisiana 70791
"A new life for you"
excellent basic tract with pictures

Firm Foundation

a firm foundation online tract
For a printed booklet version of this article (no charge), contact

Edward Fort
P.O. Box 25069
Chicago, IL 60625

Gospel tracts in 22 languages

Fishers of Men Ministries Intenational

Fishers of Men Ministries Intenational
Pastor Wayne Mund
P.O. Box 400
Bon Secour, AL 36511
(334) 968-6474

They have about twenty titles of tracts - good tracts for outreach to people who like to fish or do fishing full time or for those who live on the coast.

Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family
Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

Gospel tract by James Dobson titled " Coming Home" and probably more titles
Dr. Myron J. Petersen
P.O. Box 42981
Las Vegas, NV 89116 U.S.A.
Phone: 702-646-7777

Tracts that may be printed off the web page.

Free Tract Society

Free Tract Society
P.O. Box 42544
Los Angeles, CA 90050

Tract Publisher offering free gospel tracts

Free Tract Society

Free Tract Society
6012 York Blvd.
Los Angeles , California 90042
Director: Ernest E. Soady

Spanish/English tracts.
Cost: $7.00/pound of tracts. Will send samples.
This organization is a: Christ Centered Ministry as featured in the book "L.A. Bizarro". FREE, but there is a $7.00 requested donation for their 1/2 pound packet.

Freedom Fellowship

Freedom Fellowship
PO Box 1042
Dublin, PA 18917
"It is Finished"

Fundamental Baptist Home Missions

Fundamental Baptist Home Missions
PO Box 1510, Bessemer City, NC 28016
will print your church name on their tracts

God's Cards

God's Cards
CommerceResults Inc.
1521 N. Jantzen Ave, #357
Portland, Oregon 97217
Phone: 970-225-6552
Toll Free: 1-800-967-7161
Fax: 970-226-1006

These cards have a nice full color picture on it with a verse or two. They are the size of a business card. Nice web site.

Fundamental Evangelistic Association

Fundamental Evangelistic Association
Box 6278
Los Osos, California
free packet

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