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Galcom International USA

Galcom International USA
PO Box 270956
Tampa, FL 33688
Phone: 813-933-8111
Fax: 813-933-8886

Contact: Gary Nelson

Galcom International
65 Nebo Road
Hamilton, Ontario
L8W 2C9

Phone: 905-574-4626
Fax: 905-574-4633
Contact: Allan McGuirl

Galcom International is a Christian Missions Organization with a vision to provide high tech communications to the mission field in order to spread the Gospel to those who have never heard the saving message of Jesus Christ.

TRACTS, TALKING (Credit-card-size units that play messages) in different languages or LANGUAGE COMMUNICATION CENTER This is a portable kiosk for use at world fairs, exhibitions and events such as the Olympics. It has a built in printer and computer phone system with four receivers, each of which can play back a five to seven minute Gospel message in up to 100 different languages. At the end of the message, the listener has the option of getting a printout of the message in his/her mother tongue. At the bottom of the message, there is the name of an organization that can do follow up.

Gam Publications

Gam Publications
Post Office 25
Sterling, Virginia 20167

Are You Born Again by J.C. Ryle


PO Box 775
Pharr, Texas 75777

Am I Going to Heaven Quiz!
English and Spanish
Good tract for those people relying on works for salvation.

GFA Publications (NEPAL)

GFA Publications (NEPAL)
GPO Box 4272
Kathmandu, NEPAL

Tel. +977-1-533163
Fax. + 977-1-533516

Mainly publishing Gospel tracts in Nepali language . More than hundred titles available for students, city dwellers villegers etc. Also tracts and booklets in Tibetan, Dzongkha , Tharu, Maithali, Loba etc. ethinic group languages. Many of the tracts are created in local cultural context and some are tranlated. Gospel literatures largest resource for NEPAL and also distributed to India, Bhutan, Myanmar. Also run distribution store with English Christian Bibles, Books, music cassettes etc.

Good News for Catholics

Good News for Catholics
PO Box 595
Cupertino, California 95015-0595


Ultimate Questions in English and Spanish, one of the most widely used evangelistic booklets in the world other booklets on witnessing to Catholics.

Good News Publishers

Good News Publishers / Crossway Books
1300 Crescent Street
Wheaton, IL 60187

Good selection of well written tracts on glossy paper.
Toll-free order number:
Telephone: (630) 682-4300
Fax: (630) 682-4785

Has a sample pack of tracts.

The Good Way

The Good Way
P.O. Box 66, CH-8486
Rikon, Switzerland

They have excellent materials in about 25 Muslim languages.

Gospel Comics

Online Comic Book in Many Languages

'He lived among us' is an evangelistic comic book telling the story of Jesus in comic strip format (with 'speech balloons'). It has been designed for non-Western audiences and is available in a large range of languages. Not only are you invited to link to the site, you will also shortly be able to download the entire set of graphics in your chosen language and display them on your own site.

There's also a printed flyer you can use to publicize the site:

18 million copies printed in 27 languages

English     Espańol     Arabic     Mandarin     French     Urdu     Indonesian     New Chinese     Russian     Farsi     Japanese     Hindi     Korean     Swahili     Turkish     Italian     Portuguese


Gospel Defense Ministries

Gospel Defense Ministries
PO Box 10183
Gaithersburg, MD 20898

Gospel Defense Publications LLC
Gospel Defense Publications
PO Box 621
Washington Grove, MD 20880

Free tracts on J. Witnesses and Mormons. General gospel message insert for tracts on cults.

Witnessing Tips to cults

Cult Information Database
Dictionary of Watchtower Documents


New Light on the Generation of 1914
Roger DeLozier
J. Witnesses
For decades the Watchtower Society prophesied that many people from 'the generation of 1914' would live to see 'the evil system of things' destroyed and paradise restored on earth. This teaching was so important to the Society that it declared it the reason for publishing its worldwide 'Awake!' magazine. How many people from the generation of 1914 are alive today -- and why was the statement in 'Awake!' suddenly changed in November of 1995? This tract provides the answers. Available also in Russian.

Joseph Smith: Latter Day Prophet?
Roger DeLozier
False prophecies of Joseph Smith exposed!

The Gospel
This simple gospel message was designed to be inserted into our tri-fold tracts. Each insert is 1/3 of a letter sized page printed on both sides.

Mormons at your Door
Roger DeLozier
This tract was designed to be given out after the Mormons have gone proselytizing in your neighborhood.

J. Witnesses at your Door
Roger DeLozier
J. Witnesses
This tract was designed to be given out after the J. Witnesses have gone door to door in your neighborhood.

J. Witnesses and the Superior Authorities
Roger DeLozier
J. Witnesses
Tract discussing changes in the Watchtower Teaching on the the Superior Authorities in Romans 13. Available also in Russian.

What Are Hebrew Versions?
Lynn Lundquist
J. Witnesses
Designed for distribution to J. Witnesses. Discussion on the Watchtower Society's New World Translation. Other materials by Lynn Lundquist available at

The Tetragrammaton Is Essential to Your Faith
Lynn Lundquist
J. Witnesses
Designed for distribution to J. Witnesses. Discussion on the Watchtower Society's New World Translation. Other materials by Lynn Lundquist available at

The Trinity Brochure
Roger DeLozier
J. Witnesses

Coming Soon!
The First Vision

False Prophecies of the Watchtower
J. Witnesses

New Light
J. Witnesses

You may download, print and duplicate our web based materials without any limits as long as they are not used for commercial purposes. Please see Our Ministry for details.

The tracts on our Web site focus on common methods and lines of reasoning that have been used effectively to reach out to those in the cults. We are not trying to develop some unique system, but emphasize methods which we have been taught from others, combining this with what we have learned through our own personal experiences. We owe a debt of gratitude to our mentors, who taught us how to approach those caught up in the cults and aberrant Christian movements. We recognize their contribution to the materials presented above. Although we want to recognize the contributions of others, we do not want to give the impression that this is second-hand information. All of the tracts are based on information from primary resources. Some of it is based on our personal research. Other times we have used books written about the cults to point us to useful information in the publications of the groups we are reviewing. We then study the information sited, looking up everything in the cult's publications, making sure that the information was not taken out of context. Then we write up the results of our investigation drawing from the primary resources we have studied.

For those who would like to learn more, we highly recommend that you read the books presented in our Cult Bibliography. Much of the information in the tracts above was introduced to us through reading these and other resources on reaching out to those caught up in the Kingdom of the Cults. You can read fully formatted versions of these tracts with the Adobe Acrobat reader. The reader is free of charge. There are different versions available for Windows 95, Windows 3.0, Macintosh, and several other computer operating systems. Just follow the link below to download your free copy of the reader.

Gospel Folio Press

Gospel Folio Press
Box 41
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501

The Gospel Hour

The Gospel Hour
Oliver B. Greene
Box 2024
Greenville, S.C. 29602

He has booklets with the gospel with his own unique style.
He has a few different titles.

"Jesus said: I am the Door" - around 31 pages.

Gospel Missionary Union

Gospel Missionary Union
10000 N. Oak
Kansas City, MO 64155
Phone Number (816) 734-8500
Facsimile Number (816) 734-4601
General Information

As an international faith mission, Gospel Missionary Union has more than 300 missionaries serving in 23 countries.

For more than 100 years, GMU has maintained a strong commitment to taking the gospel to people living in un-evangelized areas of the world.

GMU has three foundational convictions: the authority of Scripture, the centrality of the church, and the priority of evangelism and church planting. GMU's strategy is to establish strong national churches where none exist, or to come alongside an existing church and provide support.

GMU's primary objectives are evangelism, discipleship, church planting, leadership training, and ministries of compassion. Some of the methods used are literature production and distribution, bookstores, radio and television broadcasting, camps, and Christian education.

Gospel Nuggets

Gospel Nuggets
Evangelist Huey Diffey
Route 3, Box 128A
West Monroe, Louisiana 71291

(318) 322-1079

"Has your account been settled?"

Gospel Printing Mission

Gospel Printing Mission
46 Roxy Avenue
Chadwell Heath

Tel: +44 (0)181 597 2140

Suppliers of small evangelistic tracts (and basic teaching materials) in the following languages:

Easy-English - Portuguese - Spanish - French - Albanian - Catalan - Quechua - Bangala - Turkish - Bulgaria - Czech - German - Greek - Hungarian - Italian - Balanta - Lingala - Nyanja - Ukrainian - Polish - Romanian - Russian - Bemba - Swahili (Zaire) - Swahili (Union) - Chimborazo - Baka - Zande - Amharic - Yoruba - Umbundu - Hausa - Lunda - Crioule - Ngbaka - Luganda - Mono - Runyankole - Naga-Rongmei - Bengalia - Nepali - Manipuri - Sema-naga - Hindi

Gospel Publishing House

Gospel Publishing House
Springfield, MO. 65802

Gospel Tract Centre

Gospel Tract Centre
South Africa
Nice web site.

Gospel Tract Distributors

P.O. Box 17406
Portland, OR 97217

They have the old Life Messengers tracts such as, "Have you been BRAINWASHED?", "Who AM I?", Uncle Tom's Cabin" and others.

a nice selection of "comic book" tracts for purchase

Gospel Tract Ministry

Gospel Tract Ministry
Pastor Jack Casey
P.O. Box 184
Henlawson W.Va. 25624

Offering KJV tracts, door hangers,cards, bible studies tapes. Tracts are in English and Spanish.

Free Ticket
Thank You
Don't Wait ..
I Care . . .
Is Drunkenness A Sin?
From Tragedy To Victory
Is Your Soul Saved?
Es Su Alma Salva?
Does Your Speech Betray You?
Giant Print
Is Your Soul Saved?
Public Placement
Is Your Soul Saved?

Have I Forgotten Anyone This Christmas?

Gospel Tract Ministry

Gospel Tract Ministry
God Bless
Rodney Heikkila

Gospel Tract Society

Gospel Tract Society
P.O. Box 1118
Independence, MO 64051
David Buttram

Gospel Tract Society
1105 S. Fuller St.
Independence, MO 64050

We have over 800 titles in stock in English, French, Swahili, and Spanish. We are a free-will ministry operating by faith since 1926. We send out tracts to anyone who asks for them regardless of whether they give a love gift or not. We do not charge nor do we even suggest a cost for any of our literature. We often send out hundreds or thousands ot tracts without receiving any money. On the other hand we have many people who support our ministry who do not use any tracts.

My father was called to establish this ministry in 1926 and God impressed upon his spirit to never charge for the gospel for freely it has been given to us. We have stuck to those principles and God has met our fiancial needs according to His promise in Philippians 4:19 which is our theme verse. Dad was a tremendous man of faith and his teaching and example have been a strong influence on me and my brothers who work with me in the ministry. We also publish a monthly magazine, The Gospel Tract Harvester, which is a full color, sixteen page, collection of testimonies, inspiring articles and reports of our work.

Grace & Truth, Inc.

Grace & Truth, Inc.
210 Chestnut Street
Danville, IL 61832 USA
Phone: 217-442-1120
FAX: 217-442-1163

Who Are We? Grace & Truth is an evangelical, non-denominational Christian ministry that publishes gospel tracts, tracts and booklets for Christians, and a monthly magazine. Our readers are world-wide. Our publications are free. We are supported by free-will offerings from those who value our work as well as those who use our material.

Languages besides English with the number of titles:

Arabic (3)
Hausa (5)
Hindi (6)
Igbo (6)
Malayalam (6)
Sinhala (8)
Spanish (21)
Tagalog (1)
Tamil (10)
Telegu (18)
Yoruba (13)

Grace Vision Publishers

Grace Vision Publishers
(Attn.: Bobby Austin)
P.O. Box 1077
Miami Springs, FL 33266-1077

Tel: 305-863-6425
Fax: 305-863-8818

Excellent web site - excellent tracts.
Very nice glossy, color materials and catalogue.
Very good customer service - English and Spanish.

Billy Graham Ministry Resources

Billy Graham Ministry Resources
P.O. Box 1240
Minneapolis, MN 55440-1240

"The Steps to Peace with God"
by Billy Graham
in English online tract
in English, Spanish, French, German online tract
in English Flash Presentation online tract

Evangelist Daniel Halfley

Evangelist Daniel Halfley
71570 C.R. 35
Syracuse, Indiana 46567


Have a Good Day

Have a Good Day
351 Executive Drive
Carol Stream, Illinois 60188

Hebrew Christians of Bridgeport

Hebrew Christians of Bridgeport
151 Prospect Drive
Stratford, Conn.

Hephzibah House

Hephzibah House
Ronald Williams
508 School St.
Winona Lake, Indiana 46590

Tracts from an Independent Baptist perpective.

The Herald Of Faith Publishers

The Herald Of Faith Publishers
712 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, California 90401-2602 U.S.A.

The Herald of Faith Publishers desires to supply the local church and the Christian worker with effective literature and tracts that will bring the clear message of eternal salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Currently, we are publishing a brand new selection of tracts that will speak on current issues that people deal with on a day to day basis.The Gospel of Jesus Christ is relevant and the Bible is true to save to the uttermost.

Attention churches and outreach ministries: We can imprint these tracts with your church or ministry information on the back of these tracts. Email us for the details.

Here's Life Australia


"Here's Life Australia," a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ Australia, recently launched its website (see above) offering free bi-lingual Gospel tracts in over 25 languages (including Cambodian, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese). All are have English translations and are all based on Campus Crusade for Christ's "Four Spiritual Laws". We are planning to do at least 80 languages in the near future.

Visitors to the site can download master copies in Adobe Acrobat format and print their own tracts. Master copies can also be purchased on CD-Rom for $10.00 or in paper format for $1.00 a tract. Contact the ministry's director Bob Prouty for further details <>. Each tract is 6-7 A4 pages in length. The website also offers advice on reaching multi-cultural cities with the Gospel.

Here's Life Publishing

Here's Life Publishing
PO Box 1576
San Bernardino, California 92402

Campus Crusade for Christ's tracts/booklets

Phyllis Sokol Hewitt

Phyllis Sokol Hewitt
39 South 70th East Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma 918-836-5623

Spanish tracts for Jewish people

Hidden Treasure Christian School

Hidden Treasure Christian School
500 West Lee Road
Taylors, SC 29687
Phone: (864) 235-6848 Fax: (864) 235-6366
"Hidden Treasure" tract in English and Spanish

Highways And Hedges Tracts

Highways And Hedges Tracts
109 Mae Ave.
Easley, SC 29640
Fundamental. Tracts. Evangelism.

Kitty Holloway

Kitty Holloway
122 Walton Drive
High Wycombe, Bucks
HP13 6TY, UK
no email address

We have Scripture portions translated into the Dhivehi language of the Maldive islands (the Republic of Maldives, southwest of the tip of India), and of the Minicoy island of the Laccadive Islands (off the west coast of India). Three booklets are currently available: The Most Joyful News: the Story of Jesus the Messiah; The Path of Hope (excerpts from the four Gospels, parables and miracles of Jesus); The Beginning, Part One (Genesis 1-12). Also available are six tract booklets designed by and for Maldivians, and two cassette tapes of Scripture messages.

Hope Tract Ministry

Hope Tract Ministry
PO Box 609
York, SC 29745
fax 803-684-9849
English and Spanish
"Which Way?"
"Cual Camino?"

The Illustrated Word
The Illustrated Word: Presenting Visual, Vibrant Truths Of The Word

The Illustrated Word, an art ministry "combining art with Scripture," provides "powerful ministry tools reasonably priced and easy to share with others for a variety of needs including drug abuse, child abuse and AIDS." Lovely artwork illustrates various Scriptural truths and is easy to share with others. Free E-tracts are also available. Tour the Gallery; preview "The Least of These" video; and visit "Hannah's Garden" for stories, prose, essays and dramatic readings. You'll enjoy beautiful art and inspiration at this creative Web site, including September 11 memorial prints.
The Illustrated Word:

Institute for Creation Research

Institute for Creation Research
PO Box 2667
El Cajon, California 92021-0667

Many apologetic videos on creation.

Children's web site:
Have You Been Brainwashed booklet (@25 cents each) in English, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish.

Christmas Tracts :
The Gifts of God
When God became Man
God's Only Begotten Son
Creation and the Virgin Birth
His Son's Name
When They Saw the Star

Institute for Religious Research

Institute for Religious Research
Joel B. Groat
1340 Monroe Ave. N.W.
Grand Rapids, MI 49505-4604
Tel. (616) 451-4562
Fax. (616)451-8907 internet

The Institute for Religious Research is a non-denominational, Christian non-profit foundation devoted to the study of religious claims in light of history, science, and the Bible.

We desire to promote - in a thoughtful and gracious manner - the exclusive claims of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, as revealed in the Bible. We now have 6 different tracts and some of them are in over 15 different languages.

International Bible Society

International Bible Society
144 Tices Lane
East Brunswick, New Jersey 08816

Isaiah 53 tract

International Christian Bikers Association

Box 93, E Kelowna, BC, V0H 1G0 "The Dark Side of Freedom" and "There is a Way"

International Board of Jewish Missions

International Board of Jewish Missions
PO Box 3307
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37404

Tracts for Jewish people in English, Spanish, Russian (other languages?)
"Famine... Not of bread"

International Gospel Witness
This web page will eventually carry over 100 languages in Tract form that can be accessed by nationals in their own countries or here in the USA. It also can be printed out for witness to co-workers.

Click on the Language of your choice (on the web page) and you will receive a page with a gospel witness in that language. Additional material in that language will be at the bottom of that page.

These may be printed out and used for witness among friends, neighbors, co-workers etc. We trust that many in foreign countries will access these pages from their own computers. Feel free to print and distribute them as often as you like.

Read many of the Fellowship Tract League's tracts online at Presently these languages are on the web site. More languages, God willing, available in the future. The online version includes the picture on the actual front cover of the tract.

Albanian - Aruba - Bulgarian - Cebuano - Chinese - Creole - Croatian - Czech - Dutch - Estonian - English - Georgian - German - Hindi - Hmong - Japanese - Italian - Kannada - Korean - Latvian - Lithuanian - Llocono - Llonga - Malayalsm - Pidgin - Polish - Portuguese - Romanian - Russian - Samoan - Slovak - Spanish - Swahili - Tagalog - Tajik - Tamil - Telugu - Tswana - Ukranian - Uzbek - Vietnamese

A Link to Sources for Foreign Literature (books, tracts, audio) is:

International Tract Ministry

International Tract Ministry
Dr. Lemuel Grimes
271 Cleveland Ave.
Trenton, MI. 48183-1236
(734) 479-2693

All tracts free as the Lord provides.
Samples upon request.
Free Bible Correspondence Courses

The International Tract Ministry was founded to provide free gospel tracts, as the Lord provides, to anyone who will promise they will diligently distribute them to other individuals. Money to cover postage or gifts of support to aid in providing more gospel tracts is appreciated. ITM prints Fellowship Tract League tracts except they are in a smaller format. I think that ITM will print Fellowship Tract League tracts with an address on it.

International Tract Ministry

International Tract Ministry
271 Cleveland Ave.
Trenton, MI. 48183-1236
(734) 479-2693

All tracts free as the Lord provides.
Samples upon request.
Free Bible Correspondence Courses

InterVarsity Mission

InterVarsity Mission
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
PO Box 7895
Madison Wisconsin 53707


Tracts and booklets for college students.

InterVarsity Press

InterVarsity Press
PO Box 1400
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Phone: (630) 734-4000
Fax: (630) 734-4200

Jews for Jesus

Jews for Jesus
Purple Pomegranate Productions
60 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA 94102

Their online catalog is at
It has a page where the tracts can be ordered. Tracts on seasonal, topical and year-round subjects. Suitable for reaching both Jewish and non-Jewish people. Many titles available in bulk quantities..These tracts can be found at the different Jews for Jesus offices around the world. In Canada, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, England, France, Germany, and South Africa. These tracts are interesting, thought provoking, humorous-these tracts/broadsides will keep the readers attention and encourage a response. Many are pre evangelistic. Some of their tracts have been "animated" slide-show style on their website.

Jó Hír" (Good News) Hungarian Literature Mission Inc

Jó Hír" (Good News) Hungarian Literature Mission Inc
1 Watermill Pl. # 506
Arlington, MA 02174, USA
Dr. Sréter Ferenc

Evangéliumi Kiadó
O-utca 16
H-1066 Budapest
Julius Szabo
VP, Jo Hir HLM

Tracts in Hungarian

Joni and Friends

Joni and Friends
PO Box 3333
Agoura Hills, CA 91376
(818) 707-5664

A description of JAF's tracts and booklets may be found on their web page.

Access to God
Clinging to Every Promise
Citizens of Heavenly Kingdom
Is God Really In Control?
Joni's Story
Hungering for Humility
Making Sense of Suffering
Those Enviable Others
When I Think of Heaven
When You Can't Escape
Where's The Miracle?
While We Wait
Why, Lord?
Yearning for Heaven

Kanisa la Biblia Publishers

Kanisa la Biblia Publishers
P.O. Box 1424

Phone -255-61-354500
Fax -255-61-350911

These are the tracts which we have got available in our publishing house in Swahili. We give them away for TSh 10 or KSh 1 each.

Misaada ya Uinjilisti TRATCS
Nifanye nini nipate kuokoka? (What shall I do to get saved?)
Jitayarishe (Get ready)
Je, Wewe u Mtumwa au Mwungwana (Are you a slave or a free man?)
Mwisho (The End)
Dini na Wokovu (Religion and Salvation)
We have also got a correspondence course (Emmaus Bible School) in Swahili and English.


P.O. Box 2680
Hayden Lake, ID 83835

Kitab Bookstore

Kitab Bookstore
P.O. Box 16
Failsworth, Manchester, M35 9QL

It is terrific for Muslim-oriented materials, but pricey

Brian Kluth

Brian Kluth

"Seek first God's Kingdom" Matthew 6:33
Brian Kluth's public preaching, leadership training, writing and media ministry is dedicated to advancing Biblical faith, Christian generosity & financial freedom.

Giving Tracts:
"Understanding The Grace of Giving"

The nationally published tract/flyer (#10 size for use as a bulletin insert, handout, mailer or giving statement stuffer) outlines Biblical and practical reasons people should give 10% or MORE of their income and resources to the Lord's work (also includes 50 Biblical references for personal study.)

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